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Hello My name is Karanga!

I got this in my Email Below in just 3 days after I joined MagicDolla.

I cant wait to get into GROUP 4 too!!

I PIF for most people coming into my Team That's Why I have produced magical Results!

Here's the email copy below:

Hi there Karanga Oliver,

You now have a Paid Seat in Group 3 of MagicDolla.

You should really turn up your effort to "getting the word out" so that you can begin the process of making HUGE $$ in Groups 2 and 3!

Remember, payouts from the first two Seats are used to place you immediately into Group 4 to make even more $$ faster (you begin seeing $$ on your third Seat filled in Group 3)..

Welcome aboard!!

We're very glad you're here . .

Promote Long and Prosper Fast in 2012.

MagicDolla Staff

..and here's the other one below:

Dear Karanga Oliver,

Congratulations, you have your first 4 seats "filled" in Group 2 and The System will place you in a $12 Seat in Group 3.

You will now begin earning up to $150 as Seats are filled in Group 2!!

More importantly, we set aside the first 4 payouts for the first 4 Seats in Group 2 to advance you to Group 3 where you will earn $6,000 as the Seats are filled in Group 3 (after the first 2 Seats are filled which place you in Group 4).

It is possible to earn in Several Groups at the same time... Wow!!

Remember, next Seat filled in Group 2 pays YOU - up to $150 for Group 2. Then, you begin earning $12 on every other Seat filled in Group 3 - up to $6,000. . .

And, you can advance rapidly the next Group, the Next, etc.

All, from a tiny $1 - One Dolla - MagicDolla !!

Thanks MagicDolla,

Karanga Oliver

Wow, this is so easy.

For One Dolla, you have nothing to lose!

In one day, I have already moved up a group.

Seriously, DO NOT pass this up.

--Paul Walker

WOW ..

MagicDolla is great.

I love the pay-it-forward method in our back office, it works like a charm.

I plan to tell everyone I no about this program !!

This beats playing the lottery and I get money back on my effort. No risk here.

Thanks MagicDolla creator for this wonderful opportunity.

--Elijah B



Hey, thanks for this program.

I am actually having success with MagicDolla.

The PIF is working beautifully.

Three paid signups the first day in group 1 and now I have a seat in group 2.

I can actually see making money with MagicDolla.

--Paul Roberts

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