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I just cycled through Group 1 and haven't even started promoting yet!

This is as easy as it gets guys!

--Mark W.


My name is Lynda Bourgeois.

When I first looked at this program I was like ok what the heck, why not try it PIF 10 people to easy and see what happens !!

Well to my surprise BAM!! . .overnight I am at Group 3 with a very small effort.

I promoted For 1 day now its smooth ride too $1000++++.

And, great support that's really Fast.

Thank You for such a great program !!

--Lynda Bourgeois

$1 is well worth the ad credits!!

--Eric Dion

This is an excellent opportunity!!

Just get the word "out" and watch your dollas "GROW"

--Paul Crowther

Paid within 15 minutes...

Date: 3/5/2012 9:53:18 AM
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Join MagicDolla NOW.. it's Flying...

--Kevin Waldron

This system works as promised.

Many people are already making success and fortune online even myself.

I am beneficiary of the program with financial freedom at last.

Please give it a try it a best bet.

--Olayemi Sunday

I have already gained my 1rst $2 with 4 personals in my down line and goes on. Excellent . .


WOW ..

MagicDolla is great.

I love the pay-it-forward method in our back office, it works like a charm.

I plan to tell everyone I no about this program !!

This beats playing the lottery and I get money back on my effort. No risk here.

Thanks MagicDolla creator for this wonderful opportunity.

--Elijah B

Wow..Today is absolutely Rockin' . .

Look, I don't know what you are doing to make $$ online - But, I do know that with a One Dollar Price Point and getting the word out to "them" before "they" get the word out to you - you can set yourself financially free for good . .It's better than Lin-sanity!!

It spreads like a blessed financial plague all over the internet at lightning speed. It's a bird, nope - it's a Stealth Bomber dropping cash at unheard of speeds, nope.

But, it is Magic.. and it does with One Dolla$, what No 0ne has done before and at better than Warp 9!!

What is this CraZy $$ new $$ Machine?

It's MagicDolla !! .. and you need to see this now . .


Just want to share, this program is awesome for me with 6 sign-ups in 11 days with my simple email marketing with no auto-responder yet.


--Tony Morales

Hey, thanks for this program.

I am actually having success with MagicDolla.

The PIF is working beautifully.

Three paid signups the first day in group 1 and now I have a seat in group 2.

I can actually see making money with MagicDolla.

--Paul Roberts

In the first two days I was already had a seat in group 2, and I haven't really gotten started yet.

Big potential here guys.

Just work it! Get it out there.

--Minister Dane Edwards

Wow, this is so easy.

For One Dolla, you have nothing to lose!

In one day, I have already moved up a group.

Seriously, DO NOT pass this up.

--Paul Walker


JOIN and invest only 1$ from AP it will be
The Power of One Dollar Can Make You Great Rich

--Sudhangshu Sn Sarma
9436562229 (Agartala)Tripura

You need to join this now. Why? It's just $1 and is creating the Fastest $$ Making Machine on auto-pilot for many, many, who have never made $$ online before!!

Get in this Now and Get it out to Others - Fast . . before they Get it out to you . .I am having too much FUN with this!!

--Big World ;)

Magic Dolla did just what it said!

I enrolled 10 people, got $7 in Pocket, and moved to the next level.

Finally, a company that does exactly what it says it will do! Thanks, Magic Dolla!

--Greg Jones



This is rocking out of this world like magic.

--Valoyd Jamison

Hello everyone out there,

I have an awesome website here and have my 10 people.

It is great. Come and join me here.

I am having a BLASTIN ole time here and it is only $1 to join.

Come and PARTY with me here.

You can advertise 1 banner ad and 1 text ad.

It is awesome come and join in.

thank you,

Amy Lynn Stephani

We ALL Have The Right And The Duty To Be HAPPY And Successful In This Life Time.

SO Let Us ALL Come Together Here At MagicDolla And DO Just That !!!

MagicDolla , Let Your MAGIC Work For US ALL !!!

--George L. Turner Jr.

This Works !!

I Got Money - just PIF, help others, and you get paid.

--Brandon Darnell

Instant payment. Wonderful.

Site is well done.

Easy to get the seats filled when you have a great site to work with.

Magic Dolla, I thank you.

--Marlin Julson

The only way to see what this program is about, is join as I did.

I have seen first hand how powerful & how well they have put this together~!

--Rudy Stearn

P.S. The right idea of paying it forward & you & the rest cannot go wrong!


This is very different and actually very powerful.

This has an awesome product for just $1 (I have gotten over 230 click throughs to four different sites I advertised here), made about $125 from ads in my other programs, sweet (it cost me a dollar, this is crazy).

But, the best part? I waited until day two to cash out half of the money earned and PIF'ed the other.

Cashed out over $100 and went on a PIFing roll - Get this, I have another $190+ sitting in my account (because of the PIFing moving my other seats forward to the bigger

I am waiting until I go over $200 again and will do the same thing.

You see, if you can hold out and PIF now, you can cash in bigger later.

The key to this is PIFing as many and as fast as you can while the company is in infancy, kind of like stocks really, I guess.

This is really amazing stuff for $1.

--O. Dale

Magicdolla Paid me !!

Just PIF your members and watch yourself quickly make a lot of money.

--Shannon Forrest

I am very exited to join this site.

I bought 1 seat in group 1, lets see what happens.

I have very wish full thoughts about this site.

--Zaina Meerab

Hello My name is Karanga!

I got this in my Email Below in just 3 days after I joined MagicDolla.

I cant wait to get into GROUP 4 too!!

I PIF for most people coming into my Team That's Why I have produced magical Results!

Here's the email copy below:

Hi there Karanga Oliver,

You now have a Paid Seat in Group 3 of MagicDolla.

You should really turn up your effort to "getting the word out" so that you can begin the process of making HUGE $$ in Groups 2 and 3!

Remember, payouts from the first two Seats are used to place you immediately into Group 4 to make even more $$ faster (you begin seeing $$ on your third Seat filled in Group 3)..

Welcome aboard!!

We're very glad you're here . .

Promote Long and Prosper Fast in 2012.

MagicDolla Staff

..and here's the other one below:

Dear Karanga Oliver,

Congratulations, you have your first 4 seats "filled" in Group 2 and The System will place you in a $12 Seat in Group 3.

You will now begin earning up to $150 as Seats are filled in Group 2!!

More importantly, we set aside the first 4 payouts for the first 4 Seats in Group 2 to advance you to Group 3 where you will earn $6,000 as the Seats are filled in Group 3 (after the first 2 Seats are filled which place you in Group 4).

It is possible to earn in Several Groups at the same time... Wow!!

Remember, next Seat filled in Group 2 pays YOU - up to $150 for Group 2. Then, you begin earning $12 on every other Seat filled in Group 3 - up to $6,000. . .

And, you can advance rapidly the next Group, the Next, etc.

All, from a tiny $1 - One Dolla - MagicDolla !!

Thanks MagicDolla,

Karanga Oliver

Hi friends,

This is only $1 investment site. join & invest.

It will continue to growth more & more.

--Sudhangshu Sn Sarma
call-9436562229 any time

The Master Millionaire Builders Team.

We were paid in 2 hours and are now in the 2nd seats.

We are blasting an ad to over 3 million double opt ins. This works for the little guy and gal.

Heavy hitters, make some money. :)

--Billy C.

What a cool little advertising program this MagicDolla. Too easy!

--Wade Torsey

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